Different Methods for Leaf Cleanup

Leaf removal is a straightforward job, but that doesn't mean it's an easy one. And given that it's a job you have to repeat consistently during the latter half of the year, finding easier and faster ways to get leaves off your lawn is always a plus.

Here's a look at different leaf cleanup tools and methods that'll help you keep the pretty but messy leaves from covering your lawn this fall and winter.

Rakes and Brooms

Handheld rakes and brooms (for hardscaped areas) still work well if you have only a small area to cover. There's no sense in buying a large leaf blower for a lawn that's only a few square feet. But you can still make the leaf removal more efficient by getting a wide rake for open areas ' save your smaller rakes for getting leaves out of flower beds and cramped areas.

Leaf Blowers

There are plenty of options for your leaf removal needs, so make sure you know exactly what type of leaf blower features and power are essential to complete the project.

As a rule of thumb, small- to medium-sized yards call for handheld leaf blowers. These types of blowers can vary in power but are useful for clearing leaves from tight areas around the yard. Larger yards tend to call for backpack blowers or wheeled leaf blowers as they produce greater power for heavy duty cleanup jobs.

To clear leaves efficiently from your yard, place a tarp over a designated area on your lawn. Blow the leaves into a pile on the tarp, gather up the corners, and leave the bundle out by the curb for pickup according to your city's green-waste rules.

Lawn Mowers

Mowing over leaves might seem like a messy approach to leaf cleanup, but it's great for your lawn. As you run your mulching mower through the lawn, leaves are finely chopped up and left on top of grass as a natural fertilizer and mulch for the winter months. This gives your lawn the opportunity to absorb nutrients for growth and strength.

Chipper Shredder Vacuum

A chipper shredder vacuum is exactly what it sounds like ' a device that sucks up and shreds leaves and other small debris into a bag. Functioning much like a walk-behind mower, the vacuum simply sucks up leaves and deposits them in a bag as it's pushed across your lawn. You can use the broken-down material as mulch to fertilize and insulate beds, or add them to a compost pile.