How to Drink Your Garden

There has been a growing trend in recent years among gardening enthusiasts known as "drinking your garden". This simply means growing plants that can be used to create a specific beverage. The trend of "drinking your garden" can be broken down into three different categories, with each having its own appeal.

Herbal Tea Gardens

A more common type of drinkable garden, herbal teas are both healthy and refreshing. Many of the herbs in this type of garden can be used for cooking, as well as organic home products - making this type of garden highly versatile. You can grown an herb garden in flower pots and planters, which helps save on space - especially in apartment or dorm settings.

Smoothie Gardens

Fruit and vegetable gardens provide more than a healthy snack during harvest season. Juicing and freezing your vegetables allows you to create delicious and refreshing smoothies year-round. In some cases, only part of the produce is needed - like a lemon peel - while the "green smoothie" craze often uses whole vegetables and fruits.

Infused Water Gardens

Infusing water is a great and easy way to add a hint of flavor - especially when you're looking for something light and crisp on warm summer days. While lemon is typically used to do this, there are countless other fruits, herbs and vegetables that provide the same refreshing taste. Cucumbers, mint and berries are commonly used to infuse water, but try to experiment with other plants that are already growing in your garden - like cilantro, carrots and lavender. For a unique, bold taste, try infusing water with different plants.