Guide to Easy Weed Pulling

The amount of time you spend making your home warm and inviting for guests can add up quickly - the same usually goes for the garden too. A well-tended garden lining a walkway, or leading to a backyard helps to create a welcoming environment full of character. It can also help bolster the curb appeal of your home, creating angles and dimensions that complement your home structure, making it more aesthetically pleasing.  
Of course, caring and maintaining a garden require patience and effort to achieve desired results, like most home projects do. But of all needed tasks, weeding can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious to keep the garden in optimal shape, not to mention healthy. 
Weeds can be stubborn to eliminate and wreak havoc on surrounding plants if not removed in a timely manner. Follow these weed-removing tips to help your yard look its best, and keep your outdoors healthy and thriving.


Use Mulch and Cedar Chips

Mulch and cedar chips help keep weeds at bay, as they can suffocate and deter weeds from growing above soil surface. These materials can also add a hint of color and pizazz to your garden - particularly if you have a path leading to your front door. Mulch and cedar chips are available at most garden centers and are economically priced.


Commit to Regular Maintenance

If you schedule a regular time for weeding, it won't become an overwhelming chore when you do get to it. Block out 10-15 minutes once or twice a week to help prevent weeds from spreading and monitor the growth of plants to ensure they haven't been damaged or affected by disease. 

The Right Tools

A great-looking garden doesn't have to be achieved at the expense of your back or leg muscles. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools on the market today that take the strain off of these common pain points like this Premium Garden Weed Remover. However, some bending may still be needed to reach smaller weeds plus those in hard-to-reach places. In these instances, it's best to use kneeling pads and soft mats that provide cushion to help alleviate pain caused by direct impact with the ground.
By keeping these simple tips top of mind when weeding the yard, you'll have a beautiful garden all year long.