Everything You Need to Know about Gardening Tools

The wrong tools can turn an easy garden job into a challenging one, which can create a frustrating experience and keep you from tackling other yard tasks. That's why it's important to select a tool that is the right size and shape so you can work easily and efficiently.  

From complex to simple jobs, here is a quick guide to choosing the right garden tool for your next project.

Square Transfer Shovel: The square shovel shape is built to move heavy materials and debris like snow, and dirt. Compared to other shovels, transfer shovels are usually wide and deep, allowing you to move and transfer objects easier.

Garden Spade: Garden spades are narrower than transfer shovels and built for smaller digging jobs. This shape is also great for prepping your flower bed and transplanting small trees and bushes.

Round Point Shovel: Whenever you're dealing with compacted soil, you should opt for a round point shovel shape. The pointed end and rounded edges are built to cut through tough soil and break up weed roots.

Digging Fork: Digging forks are ideal to use during the tilling process, because the long spikes can evenly distribute necessary nutrients found deep in your soil. This tool can also be used for turning and moving the organic material in your compost pile.  

Hedge Shears: This scissors-like tool is designed to remove small branches and trim hedges. The long blades allow for an even cut and a longer reach for hard-to-reach areas.

Bow Rake: Bow rakes are handy for spreading heavy material like dirt or mulch. The sharp spikes can also be used to loosen compacted soil and collect leaves or hay.

Garden Hoe: Rather than removing weeds by hand, a garden hoe can help you cut through weeds quicker and easier. They are also useful for clearing and breaking up hard soil.