Gift Ideas for the Yard and Garden

The gift-giving season calls us to get a bit creative and really think about what the people in our lives truly need and will use. For the gardeners and yard DIYers on your list, there are numerous tools and equipment you can give as gifts that will help them complete all those yard projects they're planning to complete next year.

So rather than opting for gift cards and certificates, here are some gardening gift ideas for the yard that will satisfy and bring joy to those green thumbs on your gift list.

  • Garden Tools - Between pruning, digging, and weeding, there are plenty of garden tools you can select for the perfect gardening gift. For beginner gardeners, the Long Handle Round Point Shovel, Comfort Classic Hedge Shears, Premium Garden Rake, and Comfort Classic Anvil Prunner are great starter items that help with the installation and maintenance of beds. Other garden tools like the D-Handle Digging Fork, Long Handle Garden Hoe, and Long Handle Square Transfer Shovel are go-to add-ons for experienced gardeners, as they help keep garden soil in workable condition and provide ease to the planting process. For an all-in-one gift, pair garden tools with other related items like seeds, gardening gloves, a kneeling pad, and plant markers.
  • TrimmerPlus® Attachments - For those who are multitaskers in the yard, look for equipment that is versatile and can accomplish many projects with one tool - like TrimmerPlus® Attachments. Featuring a wide variety of attachments, these tools connect to attachment-capable string trimmers, and can transform equipment into a hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw, cultivator, blower, brushcutter, broom, and even different cutting heads. TrimmerPlus Attachments simply snap on and off of string trimmers, which makes it easy to switch from task to task. And if pull starting is an issue, the JumpStart engine starter eliminates pull starting altogether and allows you to start products like string trimmers, lawn edgers, leaf blowers, and cultivators with a push of a button.
  • Leaf Blower - Whether it's leaves, loose dirt, or small debris, a leaf blower is an ideal piece of equipment to have in the shed to help keep a neat and clean yard. For small- to medium-sized yards, choose a leaf blower like the TB2MB JET' Gas Leaf Blower as its unique mixed-flow fan design moves leaves and small debris in a controlled, efficient manner. This means you can cover more ground and clean up more leaves in less time. And while some handheld leaf blowers can cause fatigue, Jet maintains optimal weight balance so the blower is stable and easy to control.