Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

Whether you're dealing with a beginner or seasoned expert, there are plenty of gift options you can choose from for the gardeners in your life. A gardening gift basket makes for a wonderful birthday, graduation or holiday gift and how big or small you want to make the basket is up to you.

Here are a few fun ideas to inspire you.

Herb Basket

Growing herbs is a great way for beginners to start, since herbs can easily be grown in pots on a patio or windowsill. Your herb gardening gift basket can include:

  • Several cute pots with good drainage
  • Packets of seeds for various herbs (basil, oregano, thyme and chives are all easy to grow and versatile)
  • A small watering can
  • A book or pamphlet on growing herbs

Bulb Basket

Even someone who has been gardening for a while will enjoy a bulb planting basket. Bulbs are a good starting point for new gardeners since they are easy to plant and don't usually require much watering or fertilization. In your basket, you can include:

  • A bulb planter (for easy hole digging)
  • Some classic bulb flowers like gladiolas and hyacinths
  • Some more unique bulbs, like ipheions and fritillarias
  • A pair of good-quality gardening gloves

Single-Veggie Themed Basket

Sometimes vegetable gardeners can get stuck in the same rut, always planting the same variety of tomatoes, beans, carrots or another veggie. If you have a vegetable gardener in your life, try giving them a basket that features several different varieties of the same vegetable. For example, you could give them seeds for six different tomato varieties along with a book about growing different tomato varieties.

Basic Tool Basket

This basket is perfect for getting a new gardener's tool collection started, but it will also be valued by an experienced gardener who needs to replace their old, worn tools. Include basic tools like a miniature spade, gardening gloves, shears, twine and a hand rake. Place it all in a watering can for a fun presentation.