Curved Garden Designs

It you have a passion for creating a beautiful landscape for your home, chances are you have put a lot of thought into your overall garden design. You may have chosen a formal approach, with specific geometric shapes, or opted for a more casual look without as much definition. Regardless of your personal taste, these curved garden design ideas can enhance both styles of landscaping.

Formal Gardens

Formal gardens use precision in their design, plant types and colors. While many formal landscapes heavily rely on long, straight lines and rectangles or squares as geometric patterns, circles and curved garden designs also create great impact.

To bring this to life, select an open space and designate one large circle for your planting area, with a water feature or sculpture as the focal point. You can also use curved decorative blocks as edging to create a sleek circular garden bed and select symmetrical low-growing plants and shrubs to complete the look.

Another interesting method in creating a curved garden design comes from the Missouri Botanical Garden, which uses boxwood to create the curved borders that surround their flower beds. In your own garden, you could employ boxwood or a similar-style hedge that grows well in your area to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Informal Gardens

Informal gardens consist of winding pathways with strategically placed plants and flowers that burst with color and plant variety - ideal for curved garden designs. The hardest part is determining which materials to use and the planting style that suits you best.

Not only can pathways create a curved design for an informal garden, but edging materials can be utilized for the same purpose. Some materials you may consider for your walkways are flagstone, cobblestones and pea gravel. To create curved edges for your plant beds, you can use materials like block or brick.

Curved garden designs are an excellent way to incorporate your artistic talent with your landscaping while maintaining your preference for formal or informal style.