Common Summer Garden Maintenance Mistakes

The sun is out, the temperatures are rising and all of the garden work you tackled in the spring is finally paying off. While the heavy lifting for most of your lawn and garden projects has been completed, it's important not to forget the ongoing maintenance tasks your yard needs to keep it looking well-kept.

Avoid these common summer garden maintenance mistakes so you can continue to make progress in your yard this summer.

Irregular Weeding

Keeping weeds out of your garden can seem like a never-ending battle, but pulling weeds regularly can be the best defense in the fight. Walk through your garden once a week and uproot any weeds you spot to prevent their seed from spreading. You can also add mulch to flower beds to help stunt their growth and keep them from sprouting across your yard.


One of the most common summer maintenance mistakes is overwatering to compensate for rising heat temperatures. When it comes to watering your garden in the summer, how you water it matters more than how often it's watered. It is suggested to give your plants a deep watering every few days.

Pest Control

The warmth of the summer months can attract new plant-eating critters to your garden. Ignoring these new insects is a common summer maintenance mistake that can compromise the health and progression of your garden. Insects like aphids, grasshoppers and caterpillars frequent the warmer months and feed on the leaves of your flowers and plants. Birds are also a good ally to have in the yard when it comes to pest control. Installing a bird bath or a bird feeder can help attract birds and decrease the amount of insects in your yard.