Bronco™ Axis™ Vertical-Tine Tiller

What if you could till your entire garden in less time and with less effort? Now you can with the introduction of the BroncoTM AxisTM vertical-tine tiller that gives the age-old task of tilling a completely new feel and look.

While some tillers can be difficult to maneuver and require several passes before soil is completely ready for planting, the Bronco Axis features a brand new design in which the tines work like an eggbeater, tilling forward as they break down the toughest earth to create finely-tilled soil in just one pass. This is especially helpful in areas with clay-filled earth and hard-packed dirt.

Since the vertical tines drill down into the ground and move smoothly forward through the soil - rather than dig downward over several passes like traditional tillers - common tiller nuisances like bucking are eliminated and vibration is minimal. These benefits allow you to easily control the Bronco Axis tiller for a more enjoyable experience.

The Bronco Axis also features Just One Hand® operation, letting you guide the tiller with literally one hand, so you can walk on solid ground while tilling and not in your freshly tilled soil.

To ensure product strength and durability, the Bronco Axis tiller uses a patented cast-iron encased transmission with bronze gear drive, which is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Bronco Axis vertical-tine tiller tiller is available for $899 at Lowe's® and other select retailers. For more information about where you can purchase the product, visit