How to Avoid Injuries in the Garden

Gardening is a relaxing, but refreshing activity which can also provide plenty of exercise. However, one thing it should not provide you with is an injury.

Follow these tips to help you avoid injuries in the garden.

Put Tools Away When You're Finished

To prevent injuries caused by tripping or stepping on tools, put all tools back in their place once you're done using them. Also make sure to store sharp items like rakes and spades against a wall rather than on the ground.

Always Wear Gloves

A splinter, bee sting, or scrape might not seem like a big deal, but when it's on your hand, the pain can intensify and hinder your ability to garden. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you wear thick, sturdy garden gloves when dealing with objects that may scrape, pinch or cut your hands.

Change Positions Often

Many gardeners develop joint soreness from kneeling, sitting or hunching over in the same position for hours on end. Protect yourself by changing positions every few minutes; this will help reduce the strain on your joints.

Protect Yourself from Insects

Insects can pop up anywhere in your yard, so be sure to wear long sleeves and pants, or to spray yourself with bug spray to keep flies, bees and wasps away - preventing stings and bites.

Ask for Help When Lifting Heavy Items

Bags of mulch, heavy tubs of pulled weeds and even garden stakes can be quite heavy. Don't throw your back out; ask for help lifting heavy items. When you do lift things on your own, remember to bend at the knees to take the strain off of your back.