2016 Gardening Trends

New planting techniques and innovative tools surface year after year, giving gardeners of all experience levels opportunities to adopt new gardening trends that continue to improve the way we enjoy, care for, and reap the benefits of the yard and garden. From practical plants that improve your health, to modern design methods that improve the functionality of our yards, 2016 will be a year of organic living and edgy yard spaces, according to Gardening Media Group.

As you begin to lay out your garden plans for the new year, consider incorporating these trends into your space for a fresh start in 2016.


It comes as no surprise that dogs enjoy rolling around and digging in the dirt. And though your furry friends may see this as leisure time, such habits can cause damage to your garden - not to mention that some gardening products used on your lawn and garden often contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. With this in mind, many pet owners are dogscaping their yards with fences and gravel pathways to keep paw prints out of landscaped areas. Since dogs tend to cool themselves by rolling in the soil during the summer, people are also adding shallow water features like wading pools to keep their pets refreshed.

Modern Container Gardens

With container gardening growing in popularity, many gardeners are modernizing the technique by using containers for more than the traditional flower and in open spaces; they are being used in apartment living spaces and for herb gardening. Aside from that, confining your flowers and veggies creates a unique display and provides better functionality for your plants. One way individuals are embracing this gardening trend is by using cinder blocks in outdoor spaces. Cinder blocks are offer great drainage, are easy to construct and are more weather resistant than wood or plastic. Other items used for container gardening include hollowed pumpkins and gourds, bed frames and even repurposed furniture.

No-Water Gardening

Commonly referred to as xeriscaping, no-water gardening is the technique of conserving water through creative landscaping and irrigation. However, this gardening technique doesn't mean your eco-friendly garden has to be full of dull, hostile plants like cacti. Individuals are bringing their no-water gardens to life by adding color from varieties of water-efficient flowers like agave, lilac and lavender. No-water gardening also calls for minimizing turf areas and adding mulch around plants to preserve the moisture in the soil.

Functional Gardens

Every gardener knows the health and financial benefits of growing your own food, but 2016 will see a lot more than the traditional fruits and veggies sprouting up in gardens. Since more people are adopting organic lifestyles, flowers like hops for organic beer and fruits like grapes for homemade wine are just a few of the trendy plants that'll be finding new homes in backyard gardens. Many are also taking advantage of the healing properties of plants such as calendula for soaps and aloe plants for lotions. Growing crops outside of the traditional vegetables and spices is a great way to bring a unique look to your yard, as well as contributing to a healthy lifestyle.