Proud Troy-Bilt Owners

Actual Troy-Bilt customers share their thoughts, gardening tips, and views on Troy-Bilt products.  Read more about our proud Troy-Bilt owners.



"It's a hobby that has gotten a bit out of control" -- Donna

Donna began gardening with her son.  When he was a teenager, he wanted to find a way to make enough money to buy a car.  In researching home businesses, they decided to create a cut flower business.  It was the perfect fit for them, as he'd be his own boss, and they'd get to spend time together.  Her son is now grown, and she is still tending the gardens.   Although they gave up the business, her son did get his car. 

The gardens have become "a hobby that has gotten a bit out of control."  Donna says even when she's on vacation, she would rather be home in her garden.  Donna and her husband Walt have over 100 different kinds of flowers growing on their 3 acres.  They grow flowers for almost every season.  Donna and Walt even look forward to the arrival of the seed catalogs in the winter, so that they can begin plotting what to add to the garden each spring. 

Their home is located on a busy street.  It's not uncommon for folks to drop by and ask to see their gardens.  "Our gardens attract a lot of visitors.  We love to show them and talk about the various flowers we grow." 

Donna and Walt own two Troy-Bilt tillers.  They have a Tiller/Edger and a Pony.  Donna says, "I find the Troy-Bilt tiller surprisingly easy to operate.  I don't have to push it at all, just give it a little guiding."



"If Troy-Bilt makes it, I buy it."  -- Ted

Ted has been a loyal Troy-Bilt customer for nearly 20 years.  Ted first purchased a Troy-Bilt tiller and then several other Troy-Bilt products including his favorite - a chipper shredder vacuum.  Ted and his wife Faye live on 20 wooded acres and find that they put the CSV to the test.  It's over 15 years old and still runs like a champ. 

"We get home and find a foot and a half of leaves all over the place!" Ted claims.  While Ted likes using his CSV, he doesn't get the chance very often.  That's because Faye calls it "my toy."  Faye, who is rather petite, can start it right up and uses the mulch it creates to protect their flowerbeds in the cold weather.  "I love it," says Faye.  Lucky for them, there are enough leaves and branches that they both can use the chipper shredder vac!

Ted and Faye agree that it saves them a lot of time and it's fun to use.  "Bring it on," Faye says.




"My neighbors love my garden." -- Alvin

Alvin was born on a farm, so growing things came pretty natural to him.  Alvin has enjoyed gardening for many years. 

He bought his Troy-Bilt tiller 5 years ago.  He says, "My Troy-Bilt tiller makes my garden a breeze."  Alvin enjoys getting out into the garden and making it a bit bigger even though his kids are now grown.  "It's easy to use and makes my tilling so easy," he boasts. 

Alvin admits to growing a lot of vegetables - too much for just him and his wife.  "We can and freeze a lot of what I grow," says Alvin.  But even with that, they have so much produce that Alvin has taken to sharing his abundant garden with his neighbors.  "They love it, and I enjoy it," he says!






"Every year my tiller makes the garden bigger and bigger." -- Gloria

Gardening without her Troy-Bilt is something Gloria can't imagine.  "My Troy-Bilt tiller is so easy to operate.  It's not heavy and I can operate it with one hand!" Gloria admits to being a bit skeptical about operating her Troy-Bilt with one hand.  After using it though, she was quickly convinced.  Gloria considers her Troy-Bilt tiller one of her assets.

Gloria feels her Troy-Bilt tiller saves her time so that she can focus on her love of organic gardening.  She believes that organic gardening is the natural order of things.  She creates diagrams of what she's going to plant so that she maximizes yield and reduces bugs and critters.  One of her favorite critter tricks is to put a radio in her garden on low volume on her local talk radio station.  "It really works.  The rabbits don't like to hear those guys go on and on!"






"You can never have too much firewood!" -- Doug

Doug is passionate about his Troy-Bilt logsplitter.  He says it gives you the same adrenaline rush as chopping by hand but saves you a lot of frustration.  Doug would know since he splits wood 365 days a year with his 27-Ton Troy-Bilt logsplitter.  Doug generously cuts enough wood for his entire family - that's four houses worth!

He explains that with 27 tons of pressure, it will split anything - even a seasoned piece of solid oak - in 30 seconds. 

When asked to describe his Troy-Bilt logsplitter, Doug says, "This is my favorite piece of equipment that I own."  In fact, he's so crazy about it he says, "Nobody's going to take it outta my sight.  I won't even loan it to my brother.  This is my Troy-Bilt toy."






"Our first purchase as a married couple was a Troy-Bilt tiller." -- Pat and Mary

By the time Pat and Mary married in 1979, Pat was already an avid gardener.  Mary fell for Pat's big Afro and sense of style.  But she admist to being a bit skeptical when he wanted to buy a rototiller right after they got married.  "We didn't even have a couch," says Mary.  He responded, "You know if we had a rototiller, we could make a nice garden here."  Mary says now, "At first, I didn't ven know what a rototiller was, but I could see the value in it.  It was our first major purchase."

The purchase has been very valuable to their growing family through the years.  They have been able to teach their four children where food comes from.  "It's important they know things just don't come out of a can," says Pat.  "I think there is pride in growing your own food and the process of gardening.  It's a good way to relax and enjoy nature too."

Pat and Mary have taken great pride in their garden and learning to grow new things.  One of their first experiments was growing giant squash.  Pat won a blue ribbon for the squach he grew in 1980.  It weighed over 65 pounds, and when they harvested it, they chose to show the scale by placing their baby girl Rebecca in it!  "These are great memories," they say, proudly showing the photo. 

Pat says gardening can be hard work though.  He credits his Troy-Bilt tiller with taking all the effort out of it.  "It's painless and very rewarding.  It's true that you can run it with just one hand.  It allows you to till your entire garden without one footprint."

Pat and Mary agree.  "Our Troy-Bilt has bee a good investment for us."



"Why buy a Pony when you could buy a Horse?" -- Ray

Ray worked for many years in a factory.  While he enjoyed gardening, he found himself short on time.  Not gardening was not really an option since he proudly grew produce for his entire growing family.  One day, his wife said, "Why don't you get a rototiller?"  Ray welcomed this suggestion and took his wife with him shopping for their Troy-Bilt rototiller.  While comparing models, his wife said, "Why buy a Pony when you can get a Horse?"  Ray still gets a chuckle telling the story!

Ray's Troy-Bilt Horse helped him garden for many years.  He enjoyed using the trencher attachment which was perfect for his asparagus and potatoes.  "I grew sweet potatoes the size of footballs!"

Ray also found his Troy-Bilt Horse was a good way to meet the neighbors.  One of his neighbors had on old front tine tiller.  Ray describes his neighbor using it as "looking like he had a bull by the horns!"  "My Troy-Bilt tiller didn't wrassle me like other tillers."  One day his neighbor borrowed the Horse and didn't want to give it back.  "He borrowed it a lot," says Ray. 




"Big city guy turns country." -- Fred

Fred has recently left Chicago and moved out into the country.  Having never been a "country boy," Fred thought he could just buy a lawn mower and a hachet and live in rural Michigan.  Lucky for him he has a generous neighbor with a lot of power equipment.  The first thing Fred learned from his neighbor was how to spot poison ivy and poison oak.  "I just thought it was a weed," says Fred. 

The next thing Fred's wise neighbor taught him was how great Troy-Bilt products are.  Fred now realizes, "I need some heavy equipment and Troy-Bilt is my answer."  In fact, Fred's 1,000 foot driveway is perfect for his Troy-Bilt snow thrower.  "Troy-Bilt can handle it."  Now Fred can handle the country life too!