Troy-Bilt® powered by CORE™.

More power. Longer runtime. No more compromises.
Get the power and performance you expect from Troy-Bilt® – now without the gas.

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Troy-Bilt powered by CORE.

More power. Longer runtime. No more compromises.

Power comes from the motor, not the battery.

CORE’s innovative, patented motor design replaces the heavy copper coils of a typical brushless motor with a state-of-the-art, printed circuit board. This operates in tandem with magnetic rotors to deliver maximum torque, which is the primary force that allows you to tackle the toughest outdoor challenges. The revolutionary CORE motor design also runs more efficiently, allowing it to dramatically outperform a traditional cordless unit dependent on a 56- to 80-volt battery.

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When you need maximum power, CORE answers.

CORE’s proprietary, responsive, load-sensing controller communicates with the CORE motor to understand how hard it’s working. The controller efficiently manages the transfer of energy from the battery to the motor to deliver maximum runtime from every charge. Plus, a Power Output Display shows you real-time motor performance.

Powerful, intelligent, efficient and cost-effective.

All Troy-Bilt powered by CORE units can operate on the same battery. So if you already own one battery, you can save money by purchasing just the bare tools.