Troy-Bilt Taking Root

  • Troy-Bilt Taking Root

    Troy-Bilt® was founded on a love of gardening way back in 1937. Today we're still putting our hands to the soil by helping people across the country do good in their communities through gardening and outdoor beautification projects. We work with national organizations like the ones listed below, as well as smaller, regional organizations including Veggie U in Huron, OH and Sweetgrass Garden in Charleston, SC. Read below to learn more about how we're helping positive changes take root.


        Learn more about Katie's Krops

        Katie's Krops helps kids across the country start charitable gardens that feed their communities. We've partnered with Katie to inspire the next generation of gardeners and help them grow an end to hunger.

          • PLANET IN ACTION™

            Learn more about Planet In Action

            Planet In Action' is helping to improve and sustain communities through volunteer projects. Troy-Bilt has partnered with them to make an impact in these communities through gardening expertise, equipment and help from our Saturday6' experts.

              • COOPS FOR TROOPS

                Learn more about Coops for Troops

                Coops for Troops makes a difference in the lives of veterans and families of deployed military members through therapy chickens. Troy-Bilt is helping them donate chickens, coops and feed to these veterans and families to provide companionship, and reduce stress and anxiety.