Snow Thrower Tips to Prepare for Winter

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The best time to get your snow thrower ready for winter is before the snow starts falling. With these simple snow thrower maintenance steps, you will be better prepared for what winter has in store. Always refer to your operator's manual for the proper maintenance procedures for your unit.


Step 1: Prep the unit

Remove the spark plug boot and ground it to the engine block.

Step 2: Check for wear and tear

Review your skid shoes and your shave plate for excessive wear.

An easy adjustment: Push a piece of cardboard underneath the shave plate and loosen the skid shoe hardware. Drop the skid shoes to the ground, retighten the hardware and pull the cardboard out from underneath the unit.

Check the belts to make sure they're not frayed or worn.

Step 3: Test the controls

Test the operator controls like the power steering triggers, chute and speed selector.

Step 4: Check oil and fuel

Check the oil and add fresh fuel.

Step 5: Replace the spark plug

Put the spark plug boot back onto the spark plug.

Step 6: Start the unit

Push in the ignition key and push the throttle to fully on position. Rotate the choke to the fully on position and prime the unit three times. Using your body weight, step back and pull the recoil.

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