Winter Lawn Care Damage Control

Between the snow, ice, chilling temperatures and harsh winds, your yard goes through a lot each winter. Such conditions can leave you with a damaged lawn, trees or plants.

Make sure your yard is ready for inclement weather with these winter lawn care tips to keep it in tip-top shape all season long.

  • Keep your lawn clear: The aftermath of a winter storm can result in a yard covered with branches, leaves and other objects. Remove debris to prevent damage, disease and infestation of pests to your lawn.
  • Screen your trees: Cover or screen evergreens and trees with burlap to protect them from extreme winds, heavy snowfall and ice. Also, make sure to cover plants or trees that are exposed to salt spray from roads.
  • Shovel consistently: Clear all walkways to keep visitors from stepping on your lawn. A heavily worn path can cause compaction, which can flatten or break grass and even cause slow lawn growth in the warmer months.
  • Prevent plant damage: Place reflective posts next to plants as a way to prevent damage from shoveling, plowing or blowing snow.
  • Place salt where needed: Avoid piling salty snow near plants or on lawns, or try using an environmentally safe salt such as calcium chloride. If plants are exposed to or piled with salt, it can seep into the soil and harm roots.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, January/February 2014