Winter Lawn Care Tips

You may have put the lawn mower and hose away for the season, but there are still ways you can help your yard flourish during the winter. Follow these simple lawn care tips for winter, so you can be one step ahead of the gardening game and set yourself up for success next spring.

  • Keep the lawn clear: Prior to the first snowfall and even throughout the winter, keep the grass clear of heavy or large toys, decorations and furniture - like tables and chairs. Once the ground becomes cold, wet and covered with snow and ice, items can leave grass stunted or dead. It's also important to remove any large tree limbs or fallen leaves from your lawn to prevent compaction to the grass.
  • Avoid foot traffic: Try to avoid walking through your lawn this winter. Even though the grass is probably brown and short this time of year, it will make it harder for it to recover if it gets worn down by constant foot traffic. To prevent this from happening, keep your sidewalk and driveway shoveled, so you and your guests have a clear path to and from your house.
  • Winter pruning: Winter is an ideal time to prune, as most plants are dormant and free of leaves and flowers. Pruning will help keep trees and shrubs healthy, plus encourage growth of new branches, and prevent pests and diseases - resulting in less maintenance in spring.
  • Snow clearing: If you live in an area that receives excessive amounts of snow, make it a point to regularly clear snow off of tree branches and plants. This will help prevent any damage to branches caused by heavy snow buildup. Simply brush off accumulated snow in an upward motion. However, if plants or branches are coated with ice, leave them as is to prevent damage.
  • Wrap Potted Plants: Though it is not necessary to wrap the actual plant - just the pot - wrap potted plants in burlap, blankets or bubble wrap since plant roots need to be protected from severe temperatures. Keeping the pot wrapped will maintain heat near the roots.


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November/December 2014