Valentine’s Day Flower Guide

Valentine's Day is a time of year when we remind those who are nearest and dearest to us how special they are.  Many do this with the gift of flowers.

When selecting fresh-cut flowers or a flower arrangement, make sure they are free of wilting petals and discoloration, and check for broken stems. It's also important to look for flowers that still maintain buds or partially blossomed buds.  This indicates the flowers are fresh and still growing.

You can also make this year's flower arrangement extra-special with flowers that represent a special meaning. Consider some of these common flower types and their meanings:

  • Carnation: Love, fascination
  • Calla Lily: Magnificence, beauty
  • Daisy: Purity, innocence
  • Dahlia: Elegance, dignity
  • Orchid: Rare beauty, love, strength
  • Yellow Rose: Friendship, happiness
  • Red Rose: Love, romance, unity
  • Pink Rose: Admiration, gratitude, grace


It's also important to understand how to take care of flowers to keep them fresh longer.

1. Before you put fresh-cut flowers into a vase, cut the bottom of the stems under water to remove any dried out or dead areas, and ensure proper water and food absorption.

2. If your flowers don't come with flower food, place a crushed aspirin in the water of your vase before inserting flowers.

3. Keep flowers cool and out of direct sunlight or other areas that generate warmth, allowing flowers to live longer.

4. Change the water in your vase every other day as a way to keep flowers fresh and prevent exposure to bacteria


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, January/February 2014