Summer Lawn Care Tips and Secrets

There's no denying that lawn care is required year-round; but when summertime sets in, it's especially important to give your yard extra care and attention to ensure its overall health and growth.

Keep your yard in top-notch condition with these summer lawn care tips and secrets.

  • Groundcovers: It's difficult for grass to grow properly in shady conditions since it requires abundant sunlight. However, groundcovers are a great alternative as they require little to no maintenance, and provide nutrients and protection to the soil. Depending on the type of look you want, you can either choose a perennial groundcover like Sweet Woodruff or opt for an evergreen groundcover like Glacier Ivy.
  • Prune: When it comes to pruning, there's a right time and season for different plants. Don't prune dormant plants like crape myrtle, butterfly bush and fruit trees in the summer, but be sure to shear hedges and deadhead perennials like lilacs, azaleas and rhododendrons when they are finished blooming for the season.
  • Compost: While leaves, crushed eggshells and leftover table scraps are commonly used in garden composts, don't rule out other resources like dryer lint. Dryer lint from natural, non-synthetic fibers like cotton can be added to compost piles because they serve as a good source of carbon.
  • Presoak seeds: If you have any bare spots of grass in your yard, it's best to patch these by reseeding. Before you seed your lawn, soak grass seeds in a bowl of hot tap water for 12-24 hours to boost moisture and speed up germination. After, drain the water and seed your lawn as needed.
  • Mowing direction: Alternate your mowing direction each time you cut your lawn to maintain and improve its strength. Doing so also encourages growth and prevents tire marks on the lawn.
  • Water:  Summer heat often brings drought, which is why you need to water your plants deeply and weekly to promote healthy growth. It is also recommended to water during the early morning to allow plants to properly absorb the water for needed nutrients and overall strength.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, July/August 2014