Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips you Can’t Ignore

There's no question your lawn mower is one of the most used tools in your shed, especially with the summer season just around the corner. To keep your lawn mower running smoothly and to prolong its overall life span, it's important to complete regular lawn mower maintenance tasks, so you can keep delivering a fresh, clean cut to your yard.

Here are a handful of lawn mower maintenance tips you can't afford to ignore when it comes to maintaining a walk-behind mower like the TB200 TriAction® Self-Propelled Mower.

  • Safety: Before performing any maintenance tasks on your mower, make sure the blade and all moving parts have stopped. Disconnect the spark plug ignition wire and ground it against the engine to prevent unintentional starting.
  • Change oil regularly: Being low on oil can lead to low compression or can cause the engine to burn out completely. This is why it is recommended to change the oil every three months or after 25 hours of lawn mower use. For larger equipment, such as riding lawn mowers, a siphon pump is often used to change the oil.
  • Inspect air filter: As dirt builds up in the air filter, it keeps oxygen from reaching the engine. If not changed when needed, the engine could sputter and cough. Replace or clean your air filter once a year or after every 100 hours of operation. Keep in mind you will have to service your filter more frequently if you mow in dusty conditions or if you use your mower to mulch dry leaves.
  • Wipe off debris: Don't forget to simply wipe off your lawn mower on a regular basis, including the exterior of your mower, the deck and all wheels. You can easily clean under the deck of your mower by using the deck wash port, which can be found on all Troy-Bilt self-propelled mowers. Buildup of grass clippings and dirt can lead to an overheated engine, and moist debris ' even dry grass clippings ' can trigger corrosion and rust. When you're cleaning off your mower, make sure it has cooled enough to safely touch and then use a piece of wood to scrape debris from under the deck, and gently brush clippings off the top of the lawn mower.
  • Sharpen the blade: Sharpen or replace your blade every season. A dull lawn mower blade can leave brown tips and will weaken the grass blades, making your lawn prone to pests and disease. A clean, even cut will give your lawn a professional look.
  • Use the proper fuel: Check the ethanol content at the fuel pump before dispensing gasoline. Recently, gas stations have been selling fuel with more than 10% ethanol - such as E15 or E85. These types of gasolines are corrosive to small engines and burn much hotter, which will cause your small engine to overheat.  
  • Inspect and replace parts: Continuous use of your mower over time can lead to worn out or damaged parts, calling for needed replacements. For safety purposes, frequently check components and replace immediately. However, only do so with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are outlined in your operator's manual. Use of parts that do not meet the original equipment specifications may lead to improper performance and compromise safety.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, May/June 2014