How to Plan Your Spring Garden

The winter weather may be keeping you indoors, but that shouldn't stop you from getting a jump- start on your spring garden. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, consider these gardening tips and plans to help you get ready for spring.

  • Seed catalogs: Add variety to your spring garden and order new seeds from a seed catalog. Just be sure not to purchase or use seeds that are more than a year old. This will help you organize which vegetables or flowers you want to plant for the coming season. Plus, it's a fun activity you can enjoy with the entire family.
  • Take inventory: Keep a record of which types and how many plants you'll be using to help create the layout of your garden and determine space needs.
  • Garden blueprint: If you're creating a new garden or expanding an existing one, map out or make a rough sketch of the area you'll be using. Doing so will help you identify the proper maintenance and garden tools needed to care for your plants, vegetables and flowers.
  • Container gardening: Use containers of the appropriate size, with drainage holes to begin growing your plants indoors. Although unexposed to the winter weather, it's still important to place plants in areas within your home that receive a good amount of sunlight, and water as needed. '