How to Get Green Grass

With the harsh winter officially behind us, many are eager to get outside and revive their lawns for the warm seasons ahead. There are plenty of tasks to be completed, so be sure to follow these tips on how to get green grass.

  • Prep your mower - Check the performance of your lawn mower and prepare it for the season with some basic maintenance like changing the blades, oil and air filter, inspecting the belts and replacing the spark plug. When dull blades are used, they will tear and rip the grass, leaving the tips of your lawn brown and jagged. An uneven cut will prevent water and other necessary nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. To get a neat, even cut from your mower this season, install a Troy-Bilt Genuine Parts blade.
  • Test Your Soil - Home test kits are easy to use and will help you determine what extra nutrients your soil needs. Doing this will also impact how well plants can grow in the coming seasons. Also take note of any weeds in your yard. They can serve as pH indicators for your soil. For example, dandelions prefer a pH level of 7.5 and signal low calcium levels, while English daisies and hawkweeds thrive in low pH. Medic, trefoil and clover all indicate low nitrogen levels.
  • Patch Bare Spots - Replace bare spots and dead areas with fresh soil and grass seed or sod. If you're not ready to repair bare spots, map out areas you will need to fix later in the season.
  • Rake - If you received a substantial amount of snow during the winter, your grass is probably packed down. Rake your grass lightly to remove leftover leaves and dead grass.
  • Clean Up Debris - Between the snow, ice and wind, the aftermath of winter can leave you with a yard full of debris. Install a grass catching bagger on your walk-behind mower or riding lawn mower for lawn clean up. A mower bagger can help you clean up a light layer of leaves, dead grass and other small debris left on your lawn. Put on gloves and use a trash bag to remove leaves, sticks and twigs from your garden beds. A thorough spring cleaning will allow your lawn and garden to breathe better and absorb more nutrients in the spring and summer months.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, March/April 2014