Four Ways to Use a Pumpkin This Fall

Now that fall is in full swing, the sight and aroma of pumpkins are practically everywhere you turn. And with so many uses - from eating them as pie to displaying them for decoration - it's no surprise pumpkins are a staple symbol of the autumn season.

Get into the spirit with these ideas for pumpkins and learn new ways you can use this popular fall fruit this season.

Create no-carve pumpkins

Carving may be one of the most common and traditional ways to use pumpkins, but more and more people are turning to no-carve pumpkins to spruce up their décor. With no-carve pumpkins, you have multiple ways to decorate: You can paint them with your own personal design; apply buttons, gems or beads in your favorite pattern; cover with sparkles for added glitz, or wrap with ribbon or lace for a simple, classic look.

Share your favorite recipe

Honor your mom's or grandmother's homemade pumpkin pie recipe by using it as decoration in your kitchen. Simply apply chalkboard paint onto an unused pumpkin, let it dry and write the recipe on the pumpkin with chalk for a fun, nostalgic centerpiece.

Build an ice bucket

Pumpkins aren't just for pies and jack-o'-lanterns anymore; you can use them as an ice bucket for your Halloween or fall-themed party. Simply trace and cut a hole (to size of your preference) on your pumpkin, and remove and scrape the insides until it is completely hollow. Then, wash and pat the inside dry before you fill it with ice and beverages. You can also place a bowl of the appropriate size inside the pumpkin if you'll be refilling the bucket multiple times to make the refilling process easier. 

Use a different carving technique

Try a new technique for pumpkin carving by using a drill instead of the typical carving knife. You can use the drill to create a pattern or design, or can create words or letters on a pumpkin for a unique and personalized look.  


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September/October 2014