Five Must-Have Roses for your Garden

There are countless ways to bring beauty to your yard, but one of the most timeless and popular ways to do so is with roses. Though a classic choice of flower, roses are categorized into different types, colors and scents, which can make the decision making overwhelming.

Here are five must-have types of roses for your garden that will not only help make your selection process easier and more enjoyable, but also create an atmosphere of radiant colors, bringing a little piece of paradise right to your own backyard.

1. English Rose: Blossoming in an array of colors like pink, white, yellow and red, the English rose consists of many petals for a full look and also projects a strong scent. These types of roses bloom several times a year, usually in the spring, summer and fall, and can be grown as a shrub, part of a cutting garden, or a climber along a wall or fence. Common varieties of the English rose are: Munstead Wood, Claire Austin, Graham Thomas and the Lady Emma Hamilton.

2. New Dawn: Known as a climbing rose, the New Dawn is a double bloom, repeat bloomer and is blush pink in color. The New Dawn also provides a fruity fragrance and is often grown along fences, over arches or as a shrub.

3. Double Delight: A member of the hybrid tea rose family, the Double Delight rose consists of a creamy, white-like color on the inner petals with dark pink edges. This particular type of rose blooms in the summer, which calls for sufficient sunlight, and can grow up to 4 feet tall.

4. Knock Out: Requiring little maintenance, the Knock Out rose is a repeat bloomer that grows throughout the warmer months until the first frost and is disease resistant. The Knock Out rose, which is categorized as a shrub rose, also comes in seven different varieties based on color and the number of petals.

5. Mister Lincoln: Classified as a hybrid tea rose, the Mister Lincoln represents a classic red rose with its tall stem and deep red velvety petals. Known as a repeat bloomer, the Mister Lincoln also produces flowers throughout the summer season (as long as it's properly deadheaded). This type of rose can usually be found in fresh-cut flower arrangements due to its distinctive sweet fragrance.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, May/June 2014