Storing Your Lawn Mower for the Season

Fall is right around the corner, which means it's almost time to put away your summer equipment and break out the winter tools. Before saying goodbye to your lawn mower for the winter, be sure to store it properly. Follow these nine steps to ensure a quick start to the spring mowing season:

  1. Set your mower on a flat, level surface.

  2. Disconnect and ground the spark plug wire.

  3. If your mower has a battery, remove it by following the procedure for your specific mower.

  4. Drain the remaining fuel from the tank and run your mower to get rid of excess fuel. Wait for the engine to cool before you continue.

  5. Drain and replace oil, and change the filter.

  6. Check your machine for any broken or rusted parts, and repair or replace as needed.

  7. Clean dirt and grass clippings from your machine, and let dry thoroughly.

  8. Lubricate all moving parts, like wheels and cables.

  9. Store your mower in a clean, dry area. If the tires are pneumatic, place cardboard or some other type of surface between the cold ground and the tires to prevent damage.