How to Attract Birds

There's no need to leave home to do some birdwatching! If you want to attract birds to your own backyard, just supply their favorite treats. Try different kinds of feed to entice a variety of feathery friends:

  • Bluebirds: cracked corn, peanuts, sumac, crumbled suet

  • Chickadees: safflower seed, peanuts, millet, black oil sunflower seeds, suet

  • Phoebes: wasps, beetles

  • Wrens: various insects

  • Cardinals: safflower seed, black oil sunflower seeds, berries, cracked corn, apples

  • Goldfinches: thistle seed, sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds

  • Sparrows: canary seeds, safflower seeds, millet, nutmeats

  • Kinglets: various insects, suet

  • Nuthatches: various insects, sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts

Many types of birds love insects and stay away from yards that use insecticides. If you want to attract wrens or other similar birds, try using organic methods to deter bugs.


Make sure your feeders are high enough that cats, dogs and other ground-dwelling creatures can't disturb them. You may also want to supply water, as it can be hard to find in some areas during summer. Finally, know that some birds don't live in certain regions of the country. Visit your local garden center to learn about which species live in your area and how to attract them to your backyard.