Helpful Gardening Tools

Spring has officially arrived, and it's time to check your garden shed to see what tools you have and which ones need to be replaced. Whether you've been gardening for years or are just starting out, here are some gardening tools that will make your tasks a little easier:

  • Weeding Knife - Small weeds can develop strong, intricate root systems. Weeding knives can help get into tight areas and pull up tough, deep-rooted weeds. Try the TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife, which has a sharp, V-tipped blade to dig into the soil with ease and comfort.

  • Garden Gloves - You may not think of garden gloves as a tool, but a good pair can save your hands from the cuts and scrapes of constant gardening. 

  • Hand Cultivator - This tool allows you to aerate and cultivate soil in small areas like flower beds and small gardens. Try the TBCV Hand Cultivator to loosen and aerate soil easily.

  • Bypass Lopper - A lopper allows you to trim shrubs and cut small branches. Bypass loppers will give you a clean cut because of their sharp, curved blades. Troy-Bilt® offers the TBBL Comfort Bypass Lopper that makes powering through larger jobs easier on your arms with the dual-lever transmission, giving you 40 percent more leverage while trimming.

  • Garden Stool - All that bending, kneeling and stooping can be tough on your body. A garden stool will allow you to sit in a more comfortable position at plant level.

  • Hauling Cart - Carrying mulch and plants to their new destination in your yard can be a daunting task. Hauling carts can make it easier by allowing you to carry your plants and tools all at once. A garden cart is a convenient carryall big enough to transport all of your garden tools, planting pots or several bushels of leaves.

  • Watering Can - It seems pretty simple, but a watering can is an essential gardening tool. Look for one that holds the maximum amount of water that is comfortable for you to carry.

  • Garden Apron - Now that you've got all your gardening tools, you need an easy way to get them to your garden. Aprons with pockets are great for holding your garden tools and keeping you clean while you work in the dirt.