Flowers for All Garden Zones

Do you know your garden hardiness zone? Gardening zones are determined by average low temperatures in an area. Knowing your gardening zone can help guide which flowers and vegetables to plant, and how to treat your soil for a better gardening experience. Remember though, gardening zones are just a guide. Some plants might not grow well in your area even if you're in their ideal gardening zone, and other plants that aren't prone to thrive in your gardening zone might still grow in your garden.


Here are some flowers that typically grow well in specific garden hardiness zones:

Zone 3: carnation, day lily, iris, hyacinth

Zone 4: rudbeckia, hydrangea, iris, cosmos

Zone 5: Russian sage, coneflower, periwinkle, Jacob's Ladder

Zone 6: baby's breath, chrysanthemum, zinnia

Zone 7: forget-me-not, hibiscus, lavender, snapdragon

Zone 8: English daisy, aster, columbine, sunflower

Zone 9: sweet pea, impatiens, petunia, wisteria

Zone 10: bird of paradise, geranium, zinnia

Many of the flowers listed above will grow well in multiple gardening zones. If you'd like to learn which zone you garden is in, visit and enter your ZIP code to find out.