All About Mums

The end of summer means many plants stop growing or go into hibernation mode. But this doesn't necessarily mean the end of gardening season. Mums are great for the cooler weather fall brings, and they come in a variety of bright colors and shapes. Here are a few different types of fall mums:

  • Anemone Mums: Anemone mums are distinguished by their long, tube-shaped petals and raised center.
  • Single and Semi-Double Mums: These mums look like traditional daisies and can grow up to three feet tall.
  • Spider Mums: Spider mums are named so because the disk of the flower resembles spider legs. They have long, tube-shaped petals, much like anemone mums.
  • Pompom Mums: Pompom mums look much like a pompom with their round, full flower.
  • Decorative Mums: Decorative mums are similar to semi-double mums except for their short petals.
  • Quill Mums: Like anemone and spider mums, quill mums have long, tube-shaped petals. Unlike anemone Mums, quill mums don't have a visible center.
  • Spoon mums: Spoon mums are similar to single and semi-double mums, except for their thin petals that flare at the tips.

While mums can thrive in cooler weather, they still need about 6 hours of full sun every day and an inch or so of water every week. Remember to work some nutrients back into the soil with Troy-Bilt's TBCV Hand Cultivator before planting. If you want to prepare your mums for winter, pile mulch around the entire plant and remove any dead blooms. With the proper preparation and care, you can have a colorful garden display of fall mums throughout the season.


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September/October 2013