Weed Control Advice

If there's one thing in the garden that seems to survive anything, it's weeds. These unwanted plants provide cover for disease and insects, take up growing space and reduce available moisture, nutrients and sunlight. Garden weeds are especially difficult to control because they can grow and spread rapidly. With early prevention and simple changes, you can spend more time helping your plants grow and less time fighting garden weeds.

Here are some methods to help you deal with garden weeds:

  1. Start Early: Since garden weeds are capable of growing quickly, it is important to kill all weeds prior to planting. Get rid of garden weeds before they are larger than 3 inches tall. They will be smaller and easier to manage, and you'll prevent them from spreading.
  2. Keep Your Soil Healthy: Test your garden soil and make adjustments to stimulate plant growth. Your plants will grow big and strong, which discourages garden weeds from moving in.
  3. Use Mulch: Mulch stops garden weeds from growing up and getting more sunlight. You can smother the weeds around your plants, but be careful not to hurt the plants you actually want in your garden.
  4. Dig Them Out: Garden weeds can be hand pulled or removed using gardening hand tools. Take out as much of the weed, including the root, as you can in order to prevent it from growing right back. Troy Bilt's TBPN Weeding is the perfect gardening tool for pulling up tough, deep-rooted weeds.
  5. Wait for Rain: Garden weeds are easier to remove from wet soil. If necessary, dampen the soil around the weeds or pull them right after you water.
  6. Dispose of Weeds Properly: Unearthed garden weeds can take root again and wreak havoc if left on the ground. Put weeds in a compost pile or follow your city's guidelines for disposing of yard waste.
  7. Prepare for Winter: When the gardening season comes to an end, weed your garden and cover the area with mulch to smother any remaining weeds. This will make things easier next spring.
  8. Enjoy Your Garden: Managing garden weeds is important, but a couple of weeds won't destroy all your hard work. Take some time to relax and enjoy your garden.