Soil Enhancements for a Better Spring

Fall is a great time of year to prepare your garden soil for spring, as the soil is still warm and easy to work with. Doing a little extra work now will prepare your garden soil for the winter months ahead and save you time come spring.

To begin soil preparation, remove all weeds, debris and invasive plants, making sure not to incorporate them into the soil. This helps prevent pests and diseases from staying alive during winter.

Testing your garden soil will help determine which nutrients are missing so you can make the necessary changes before cold weather sets in. By adding nutrients in the fall, your soil will have time to absorb them throughout the winter months. Home soil-testing kits can be found at local home improvement stores.

Tilling your garden soil will help decompose added nutrients. Troy-Bilt offers the Super Bronco CRT Garden Tiller designed to tackle any task in the garden. It's powerful enough to till deeply, yet small enough to fit between rows. Fall tilling helps prevent the growth of new weeds in the spring, improves soil drainage and enables early planting.

Don't forget to take advantage of the free organic material from fall cleanup. Grass clippings, fallen leaves and plant debris can be shredded and spread evenly over your garden as a mulch. The organic soil enhancements provide essential nutrients and help increase root health.

Come spring, your time and hard work in the garden will be lessened and your garden soil will be ready for new plants.