Different Ways to Use a Pumpkin

One of the most recognizable symbols of fall is the pumpkin. Did you know pumpkins can be used for more than just pumpkin pie and jack-o-lanterns? In fact, the pumpkin has many different uses.

Here are some ways to use a pumpkin this fall season:


  • Try painting a pumpkin. It's much easier and cleaner than carving.
  • Make a mummy by using a marker or paint to draw eyes, and wrap the rest of the pumpkin in toilet paper.
  • Instead of carving a typical face, try using small holes to create a shape. Gut the pumpkin, and using a sharp tool, punch holes in a design of your choice. Place a candle inside for extra effect.
  • Stack pumpkins on top of each other or line them up to create a canvas for a larger fall scene.
  • For a quick display, put some spooky masks on your pumpkins.

Health and Beauty

  • Pumpkin seeds are more than just a yummy snack. They're high in fiber, protein and iron.
  • A little pumpkin purée, milk and honey makes for a great moisturizing face mask.
  • Purée pumpkin guts in a food processor and add some coarse sea salt for a DIY exfoliator.
  • Try using pumpkins for juicing. Drinking a half of a glass of raw pumpkin juice daily can lower blood pressure and help fight heart disease.

Food and Beverage

  • Hollow and dry out a pumpkin. Fill with ice for a festive beverage cooler.
  • Those slimy pumpkins guts can be useful. Boil them until the water changes color and strain the guts to make a pumpkin stock. Guts can also be used for compost.
  • Add pumpkin puree to a milkshake recipe to spice up the flavor.
  • Cook cubed pumpkin in oil and your favorite spices until soft. Add to tacos, stew or chili for some fall flavor.
  • Boil pumpkins until soft and then mash, just like mashed potatoes. Add some mashed sweet potato for an extra tasty treat.