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Which Snow Blower is Right for Me?

Which Snow Blower is Right for Me?

Let’s face it, you can’t control the weather. And winter tends to throw a lot of different things at you, like frigid sub-zero temperatures, extreme wind gusts and intense snowfalls to name a few. But winter’s impact can be minimized with the right, reliable tools. As always, Troy-Bilt is here to help. 

Choosing the right snow blower is an important decision because you want to find the model that best suits your needs. First, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What type of surface will I be clearing? If you’re working on an uneven surface, consider a model equipped with adjustable skid shoes that allow you to change the auger height to account for uneven surfaces, like gravel, or a track drive that provides superior traction on gravel, slopes or inclines. 
  • What is the shape and length of my driveway? A small, straight driveway will be easier to clear than a large winding one. Consider a snow blower with features like self-propelled drive to make clearing that extra pavement a little easier. 
  • What is my average snowfall? The amount of snow can impact the effectiveness of your single stage, 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower. Be sure to get a model that matches your area’s average snowfall so that your machine works at its optimal pace. 

Our Snow Blower selector tool is a great starting point as it will help pair you with the right model and type of snow blower to best meet your needs. When evaluating the difference between a single stage, 2 stage and 3 stage snow blower, keep these key functions and features in mind: 


Single Stage Snow Blowers 

Troy-Bilt has five single stage snow blower models available. The Squall 123R is the base model that’s affordable and just gets the job done. From there features like more powerful engines, up to 208cc, electric start, dual LED headlights, and deluxe hand grips are available. Single stage snow blowers are: 

  • Best for clearing small to mid-size driveways in areas with light snowfalls of up to 6 inches. 
  • Most appropriate for paved surfaces like sidewalks and patios. 
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver. 
  • Backed by a strong 2-year warranty. 


Two Stage Snow Blowers 

Our 13 different 2 stage snow blowers have something for everyone. The Storm 2410 Snow Blower is the base model that includes a self-propelled drive, 12-inch steel augers/impeller, a 24-inch clearing width/21-inch intake height, push button electric start, a 208cc engine, and large rear wheels for added traction. Additional features throughout the line include larger clearing widths and intake heights, larger tires, two models with track drives for superior traction in extreme weather conditions and larger areas, an in-dash headlight, one hand operation, heated hand grips, and deluxe skid shoes. 2 stage snow blowers are:  

  • Best for clearing large driveways and medium, wet snowfalls of up to 12 inches. 
  • Built with serrated steel augers break up snow and ice and pull it into a high-speed impeller, clearing faster and throwing farther than a single stage snow blower. 
  • Equipped with easy-to-use chute control options that let you adjust discharge direction without stopping the machine. 
  • Backed by a strong 2-year warranty, and a 5-year limited auger gearbox warranty on models that include a heavy-duty gearbox. 


Three Stage Snow Blowers 

If you have tough snowfall, you need a tough machine, and our 3 stage snow blowers are the toughest of the bunch. The Vortex 2490 Snow Blower is the base of our two models, with features like trigger-controlled power steering, one hand operation, in-dash headlight, and heated hand grips standard. The Vortex Tracker 2890 XP comes with a track drive. 3 stage snow blowers are: 

  • Best for clearing tough driveways and heavy snowfalls of up to 18 inches. 
  • Equipped with an accelerator that spins 10 times faster than the augers to break down and quickly clear heavy, wet snow 50% faster than a comparable 2 stage model. 
  • Built with a heavy-duty gearbox for added durability. 
  • Backed by a strong 3-year warranty and a 5-year limited auger gearbox warranty. 


Once you have selected your snow blower, be sure to familiarize yourself with these safety tips: 

  • Always read your owner's manual before operating your snow blower. 
  • Never put hands or feet near rotating parts, in the auger/impeller housing or chute assembly. Always shut the engine off and use the clean-out tool, not your hands, to clear any clogs in the discharge chute. 
  • Never operate with a missing or damaged chute assembly. Keep all safety devices in place and working. 
  • Never direct snow at people, roadways, windows or animals. 
  • Exercise caution when crossing or operating on gravel surfaces. Adjust the skid shoes (if equipped) to the highest position for more protection. 
  • Always wear protective eyewear, such as safety goggles, and wear the proper winter gear; avoid wearing any jewelry, scarves or other loose clothing that could get caught in the snow blower. 
  • Never run an engine indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. 
  • See more snow blower safety tips at our website,