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New Flex Attachments You Need For Spring

New Flex Attachments You Need For Spring

An unkept yard can easily transform the look of an outdoor space and home - for all the wrong reasons. And while ongoing care - like mowing - is needed, monitoring grass growth and soil testing isn't done as often as needed, or even at all. Not only does this create an eyesore, it can lead to yard damage and greater health issues for your lawn.

That's why outdoor power equipment like FLEX is ideal for yard maintenance, as it keeps your lawn in prime shape while also helping to prevent and treat the types of problems many experience each year.

FLEX' is a customizable outdoor power system that is tailored to fit to individual yard care needs. It consists of a power base that accepts multiple attachments - including a wide-area mower, snow blower, leaf blower and pressure washer.

This spring, the FLEX system is adding three new FLEX attachments to its family - a dethatcher, plug aerator and water pump - for larger yard cleanup and maintenance projects.

The FLEX Dethatcher

Lawn thatch is a loose layer of dead and partly decomposed leaves, grass clippings, stems, shoots and roots that builds up over time underneath grass, and can lead to a diseased or dead lawn. Thatch usually occurs when buildup is half an inch thick. In such cases, the FLEX Dethatcher helps remove the layers of thatch so it can be revived with fertilizer and planted with new grass seeds. This attachment also offers six different height settings to ensure efficient performance through all types of grass.

The FLEX Plug Aerator

Lawn aeration is often done when lawns experience extreme cases of thatch, heavy foot traffic and sitting water. These conditions can result in soil compaction and deter grass from growing properly.

The FLEX Plug Aerator consists of sixteen, 12-gauge galvanized steel plug spoons that extract soil plugs as deep as 2 inches, relieving soil and encouraging proper growth. The aerator attachment also includes weight trays that can accommodate several weight sources commonly found around the home - like cinder blocks or paver bricks - to help you dig deeper into your lawn.

The FLEX Water Pump

Need to move a high-volume of water from point A to point B? At 120 gpm (gallons per minute), the FLEX Water Pump can move water from your pond to your pasture or from your basement to your backyard with ease, efficiently. The 20-ft reinforced suction hose is designed to effectively supply water to the pump in all appropriate pumping applications and can also work in a variety of positions.