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How to Prepare Your Snow Blower for Winter Use

As temperatures continue to drop and winter draws near, it’s time to dust off your snow blower and get it ready to take on the season ahead. Take a moment and go through the following snow blower preparation steps now so that your equipment is ready to go when the first snow hits. Depending on your model, the tips listed below may vary slightly. Always be sure to check your operator’s manual for detailed instructions.

  1. Before performing any maintenance, remove the spark plug boot and ground it to the engine block. Then do a quick check of your machine’s skid shoes and shave plate for excessive wear. Adjust if necessary, as these items help protect your auger housing.
  2. Then inspect the belts for wear, and replace if necessary. Go to the operator controls and do a quick check of the power steering trigger, chute and speed selector to make sure they function properly.
  3. You’ll want to check the oil levels and top off or change if needed, then drain the gas tank and replace with fresh fuel. Lubricate the drive and chassis.
  4. Finally, check the spark plug and install a new one, if necessary. Reconnect it to the boot, prep your engine and start up your machine to make sure it runs without any issues.

By taking a little time to inspect your snow blower now and perform a few basic maintenance tasks, you won’t be left out in the cold when the first snowfall arrives.