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Spot and Treat Lawn Diseases: Lawn Tips

Spot and Treat Lawn Diseases: Lawn Tips

Summertime brings many joys, but dealing with lawn disease is not one of them. With so many different types of lawn diseases that can affect your yard, it's important to know how to spot the warning signs and treat them to keep your grass healthy.

Take note of these tips that will help you identify and show you how to prevent some of the most common lawn diseases from invading your yard.

Brown Patch

This type of lawn disease loves heat and humidity, and usually consists of irregular circular brown spots throughout your lawn due to lack of water. To prevent Brown Patch from invading your yard, water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Watering too often can create an environment for fungus to spread.


Most common during the summer and fall seasons, Rust indicates weakness in the grass and lack of water, causing a powdery orange or reddish coloring throughout the lawn. You can control and prevent Rust by mowing at a higher height, allowing the taller grass to defend itself against disease and encourage healthy growth.

Dollar Spot

Heavy thatch, lack of soil moisture and need for fertilization are all contributing factors for Dollar Spot. This specific disease is likely to affect lawns in areas with cooler nights and warmer days, and usually consists of smaller circles of light brown- to tan-colored grass. Since Dollar Spot can easily spread, it is best to 'rest' the lawn, keeping foot traffic to a bare minimum and fertilizing it as needed as a preventive measure.

Red Thread

Light pink or tan in color, Red Thread is likely to occur in cool, damp environments. Red Thread consists of a thread-like grass texture and can be prevented by fertilizing your lawn regularly and aerating to maintain proper soil moisture levels.