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How to Clean Out a Clogged Snow Blower Chute

How to Clean Out a Clogged Snow Blower Chute

In most cases, the chute clean-out tool is conveniently fastened to the rear of the auger housing with a mounting clip. Should ice and snow become lodged in the chute assembly during operation, proceed as follows to safely clean the chute assembly and chute opening.
Warning: Never use your hands to clean a clogged chute assembly. Shut off the engine and remain behind handles until all moving parts have stopped before unclogging.


Step 1
Release both the auger control and the drive control.

Step 2
Stop the engine by removing the ignition key.

Step 3
Remove the clean-out tool from the clip which secures it to the rear of the auger housing (location may vary by model).

Step 4
Use the shovel-shaped end of the clean-out tool to dislodge and scoop any snow and ice which has formed in and near the chute assembly.

Step 5
Refasten the clean-out tool to the mounting clip. Reinsert the ignition key and start the snow blower's engine.

Step 6
While standing in the operator's position (behind the snow blower), engage the auger control for a few seconds to clear any remaining snow and ice from the chute assembly.