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How to Amend Sandy Soil

How to Amend Sandy Soil

Soil that is too sandy is a problem for many gardeners since it will not hold the moisture or nutrients your plants need to survive. Luckily, there are amendments you can add to help improve your sandy soil.

If you are trying to improve your soil's ability to hold moisture and nutrients, you will, in general, want well-decomposed organic matter such as compost, peat or aged manures. However, be careful of products that are high in salts, which can result in salt burn on your plants' roots and even the death of your plants. Products that are composed entirely of plant matter are often low in salts, while manure tends to be high in salts. Vermiculite is a common option while sphagnum peat is a popular organic choice to amend sandy soil.

Mix the amendments thoroughly with the soil for the best chance of improving the soil's quality - don't just lay them on top of your existing soil. If amendments are not properly mixed, it can interfere with the movement of air and water thus affecting growth of the plants' roots.

With the proper application of the right sandy soil amendments, you can make your garden a success.