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FLEX Wide-Area Mower Frequently Asked Questions

FLEX Wide-Area Mower Frequently Asked Questions

A compact version of our riding mower deck, the FLEX Wide-Area Mower offers a superior cut quality, compliments of the unique twin-blade system, leaving behind a stunning striped finish. With the 28-inch cutting deck, you can cut more grass in less time. The FLEX Wide-Area Mower Deck also provides an adjustable cutting height of approximately 1-4 inches with the option to mulch, bag or side-discharge, your grass clippings.

What is the FLEX Wide-Area Mower warranty? 2-year limited warranty.

What size is the FLEX Wide-Area mower deck? 28 inches wide with twin-blades.

Can the FLEX Wide-Area mower mulch grass? Yes, the mower can mulch, side discharge and bag the grass.

Is there a bagger available for the FLEX Wide-Area mower attachment? Yes, you can purchase a 28" side bagger that easily mounts to the side of the mower attachment.

What are the cutting heights for the FLEX Wide-Area Mower? 1.25 inch to 3.75 inches.

How do you adjust the cutting height on the FLEX Wide-Area Mower? First move the adjustable handle on the left hand side of the mower to the desired height. Then, adjust each front castor wheel to the corresponding height position.

What type of bearings do the spindles have on the FLEX Wide-Area Mower? Maintenance-free sealed ball bearings.

How many belts are on the FLEX Wide-Area mower deck? There are two belts on the mower deck (both use the same part number).

What are the most commonly replaced maintenance part numbers for the FLEX system? Deck belts and mower blades.