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How To Change the Spark Plug on the FLEX Power Base

This state-of-the-art power base is a 208cc OHV, all-season 4-cycle engine. The rugged Latch 'n Lock' system has endured the Troy-Bilt® test of quality, with hundreds of hours of accelerated use - and is fully integrated with a self-propelled transmission for easy operation.

It is recommended to always inspect the spark plug before each use and every 25 hours of operation. When the spark plug is ready to be changed, make sure that the engine is upright and level. It is best to change the spark plug after every 100 hours of use or every season.



Step 1:
First, remove the safety key. 

Step 2:
Remove the engine cover using the phillips head screwdriver. 

Step 3:
Carefully, disconnect the spark plug wire keeping it away from the spark plug. 

Step 4:
Use an extended spark plug wrench to remove the old spark plug. 

Step 5:
Replace the spark plug with the genuine part made specifically for the FLEX Power Base. 

Step 6:
Using the spark plug wrench, tighten the spark plug until it is seated securely. 

Step 7:
Carefully, reconnect the spark plug wire. 

Step 8:
Re-install the engine cover using the phillips head screwdriver. 

Step 9:
Re-install the safety key.