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FLEX Deck Height Adjustment

FLEX Deck Height Adjustment

A compact version of our riding mower deck, the FLEX Wide-Area Mower offers a superior cut quality, compliments of the unique twin-blade system, leaving behind a stunning striped finish. With the 28-inch cutting deck, you can cut more grass in less time. The FLEX Wide-Area Mower Deck also provides an adjustable cutting height of approximately 1-4 inches with the option to mulch, bag or side-discharge, your grass clippings.


How to adjust the cutting height:

First move the adjustable handle on the left hand side of the mower to the desired height. 

Then, using a board or other sturdy object to prop the attachment up, adjust each front castor wheel to the corresponding height position. 

There are six adjustments - make sure that the left side height adjust lever of the power unit matches up with the height position on the wheels.