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Benefits of Lawn Edgers and Pole Saws

Benefits of Lawn Edgers and Pole Saws

At the foundation of yardwork are mowers, leaf blowers and string trimmers. But if you have a yard full of trees or hedges, that line-up just won’t cover it; you may want to consider adding one or two new tools to the yard. 

Edgers and pole saws help give the yard a professional, tidy look that is guaranteed to impress the neighborhood, and with options like the TrimmerPlus® attachment capability, you may not need a dedicated machine for each task. 

What Does an Edger Do?

Edgers are built to help prevent nature from overgrowing its boundaries, keeping lawn edges neat. They give the yard a clean, professional look while helping to create a root barrier that can hold off invasive grass from driveways or sidewalks⁠. Lawn edgers have many uses. Whether you’re looking to clean up along the driveway, trimming up the edge of your lawn, or considering using an edger to shape a new garden bed or clean up an existing one, there are handheld and walk-behind options to fit the size and scope of your project and ongoing maintenance needs. 

Edger for Sidewalks and Driveways

Driveway edgers like the TBE550 have the power for large projects and three bevel positions with a curb hop wheel to make it easy to customize the cut along your driveway or sidewalk. With the TBE550 Driveway Edger/Trencher, the additional trencher kit allows you to upgrade your existing equipment so you’re ready for projects like installing sprinklers, running electrical lines for lighting and snipping roots. 

Handheld Edger

Handheld edgers are typically the most common. Similar to a string trimmer, handheld lawn edgers offer ease of control and help get to hard-to-reach places in the yard and along garden beds. The TB25CE Curved Shaft String Trimmer with Edger Attachment makes the most out of one piece of equipment, with an easy-to-insert edger attachment to the curved shaft string trimmer. This hand edger tool features a curved shaft, helping to provide a clear view and even distribution of weight for balanced cutting; the hardened steel edger blade has an adjustable depth of up to 2.5 inches and a large guide wheel to help keep you moving straight.

What Is a Pole Saw?

Taking care of branches is a critical part of the maintenance and yard care routine, and in the case of storms or high winds it’s important to be able to clean up and trim your yard’s trees. Without the right trimming tools, it’s not a job that can be completed easily. For those hard-to-reach places up above, a pole saw – similar to a chainsaw but with an extendable pole – is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use as a tree-trimming tool. 
Troy-Bilt’s TB25PS 25cc 8-Inch Gas-Powered Pole Saw has a 7-foot extension pole with an additional 3-foot section that can be added or removed to adjust the reach. SpringAssist® technology and Prime, Flip & Go™ are designed to provide easy starting, and the auto-oiler helps ensure the bar and chain are properly lubricated for easy maintenance. It’s also compatible with TrimmerPlus® attachments, for versatility.