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Essential Gardening Tools List

Essential Gardening Tools List

With so many types of lawn care equipment and tools available for gardening, it can be difficult to narrow the list to the essentials, especially in the spring and early summer months.

We can help with a list of versatile tools that may help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks easily. Here is an essential gardening tools list that features some of our must-have picks for lawn care throughout the season.

• Walk-Behind Mowers: One of the first must-have yard tools is a walk-behind push or self-propelled mower. Walk-behind mowers work well in smaller- or medium-sized yards of 1 acre or less. If you have a small, flat lawn that’s less than a half-acre, then a push mower should do the job. If your yard is larger than a half-acre, then you’ll want to consider a self-propelled lawn mower. And if you’re faced with uneven terrain or tricky obstacles, then you might want to consider a model with high rear wheels because these push easily over rough spots and up hills. A versatile option like the TB130 XP Push Lawn Mower comes with many convenient features, such as large rear wheels for traction and a cutting system that lets you mulch or bag clippings as desired.

•Trimmers: Handheld string trimmers are great for accessing and cleaning up hard-to-reach places, like along the fence, under the deck and along garden beds. And you can use Troy-Bilt trimmers with the TrimmerPlus® capability to help make tool selection easy, meaning your garden trimming tool can potentially operate as a leaf blower, cultivator, hedge trimmer and more – maximizing versatility and saving space.

•Cultivators: Perfect for close work in tighter spaces, a cultivator can help you mix loose soil easily. It is ideal for getting previously established gardens, small beds and vegetable gardens ready for the season. A cultivator will also help you mix potting and regular soil together; break up small weeds and grasses to help prevent them from taking over your garden; or work light amounts of fertilizer, manure or compost into your soil mixture. A cultivator is a must-have tool for vegetable gardens to help your plants get the most nutrients.

• Lawn Edgers: Edgers are crucial for that feeling of accomplishment after a day spent cleaning up the yard. Edging tools for gardens help keep things looking perfect along the sidewalk and driveway, giving yards a professionally manicured look without the cost. Gas-powered lawn edgers provide both power and versatility for creating that finished look for your yard. They can cover a larger area quickly and efficiently, helping you cut a clean edge along driveways and walks. Some models, such as the TBE550 Driveway Edger, feature various bevel positions and a curb hop wheel, making it easy to use and offering control over the desired finished look.

• Leaf Blowers: One of the best garden tools that every homeowner should consider is a leaf blower. The leaf blower’s versatility makes it a handy tool all year long – helpful for not just leaves, but for grass clippings and dirt on the driveway and in the garage too. Leaf blowers are generally easy to use, are a quick way to clear your yard, and are one of the most effective leaf gathering tools. For a smaller job, try the efficient and easy-to-use TB27BH Leaf Blower for fast and efficient cleanup. For bigger leaf cleanup projects, the TB672 Wheeled Leaf Blower will do the trick; this model is designed to provide plenty of force and more than enough power for heavy leaf piles and hard-to-rake areas.