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Choosing Between a Chainsaw and Pole Saw

Choosing Between a Chainsaw and Pole Saw


When you need to clear wood, a chainsaw or pole saw will help get the job done. Which one is best for you depends on what kind of wood you’ll be cutting.

The main difference between chainsaws and pole saws is height. Pole saws are designed to safely trim limbs that are higher than your shoulders, avoiding the danger and risks associated with climbing a tree, using a ladder, or avoiding falling limbs while operating a chainsaw.  Pole Saws greatly reduce the risk of kickbacks and keep you a safe distance from the actual cutting area.



Chainsaws are generally used to cut firewood, clear wood that’s fallen from storm damage, clean up dead/unwanted wood or prune trees. All four Troy-Bilt chainsaw models are gas powered, so they’ll be there for you if you lose electricity or need to venture far from a power source. They have the strength and torque to cut in very wet conditions. Each chainsaw is engineered to be lightweight, with thoughtful design features like anti-vibration handles, automatic chain oilers, and low kickback bar and chain technology making it more comfortable to grip and easier to maneuver.


What size chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree?

Troy-Bilt chainsaws come in 14'' 16'' 18'' and 20'' bar lengths. Each is equipped with a powerful, full-crank engine that utilizes SpringAssist™ technology, which consists of two springs to reduce the pulling force required to turn over the engine for easier pull starts. Be sure to choose a saw that has a slightly longer bar length than the items you intend to cut (for instance, if you think you’ll be cutting wood of up to 18” in diameter, you should choose a 20” chainsaw). All Troy-Bilt models are equipped with bucking spikes that provide leverage for more controlled sawing, which helps when segmenting a tree.


How long is a Pole Saw

The Troy-Bilt TB25PS Pole Saw features an 8” low kickback bar and chain with a 7’ removable extension pole that extends to 12,’ allowing you to effectively cut hard to reach places.


Pole Saw Safety

Remember, when using a chainsaw or pole saw, protective gear should always be worn, this includes eye, ear and hand protection. And when using a pole saw, be sure to take additional safety precautions as cutting wood that can’t be reached from the ground is a dangerous task. Some steps to take:

  • Consult your owner’s manual for safe use instructions.
  • Familiarize yourself with proper cutting techniques.
  • Never work near power lines or branches that extend above or near power lines.
  • Block off a large work area below the tree/branch you’re working on and prevent people from entering.