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Person snow blowing their driveway
Snow Blowers

Control the Weather in Your Driveway

Whether you get light snowfalls, more than a foot of heavy, wet snow or you get it worse than anyone else, there’s a Troy-Bilt® snow blower to clear the way. Use our product finder quiz to help you choose the right snow blower for you.
snow blower blowing snow
Snow Blowers

Which Snow Blower is Right for Me?

Sorting through many different snow blower options doesn’t have to be daunting. We’re here to help you choose the perfect model for your needs.
picture of snow blower wrapped in wrapping paper
Ask Troy

Our Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

Make your holiday shopping easier and better with our holiday gift picks! We’ve got a bunch of Troy-Bilt® gift ideas for everyone on your list who could use a little more enjoyment for their time in the yard.
pole saw cutting against a tree
Ask Troy

End-of-Year Lawn Care Tips

Late fall is the perfect time to tackle a range of fall lawn maintenance tasks in preparation for winter and spring, such as pruning trees, aerating the lawn, fertilizing, and clearing fallen leaves and debris.

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Every Troy-Bilt product is tested for thousands of hours so it works every time you need it.

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Find answers, ideas, even time to mow

We've made tools, videos, advice and other ways to help you find the answers, ideas and assistance you need to make yardwork the best work.

Product Support

Questions about your Troy Bilt? We're here to help.

Have a question? Just Ask Troy. Simple answers to your questions in the yard.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, get your leaf blower ready with these maintenance tips so you’re ready for fall.

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Storing your riding lawn mower properly in the off-season will help you start it up again in the spring. Follow these steps to store your mower over the winter.

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Learn these five tips to pick up and clean up those pesky fall leaves to help make leaf removal fast and easy this autumn.

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Do not get stuck in a storm with a broken snow blower. Keep these parts on hand so you do not miss a beat.

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Using a chainsaw can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a primer to help you get familiar with this helpful tool and tips on how to cut with a chainsaw for basic wood cutting projects.

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new troy-bilt electric riding mowers next to each other in front of a house

Electric Riding Mowers

Rugged, Reliable, Electric

Troy-Bilt electric riding mowers use lithium-ion batteries for quiet, clean and reliable performance.