How to Choose Between a Garden Tiller and a Cultivator

A successful garden starts with the task of prepping soil to ensure plants receive the nutrients they need for the growing season. But before the soil is turned or any ground is broken, it's important to understand the different uses and benefits of tillers and cultivators, so you can give your garden the care that it needs.

Doing so will not only help you determine which gardening tool is right for your garden, but it will also allow you to properly improve and maintain the overall health and quality of your soil and plants.


As you begin to prepare your garden for the new spring season, consider these questions to help you choose between a garden tiller and cultivator.

1. What is the size of my garden?

2. Will I be breaking new ground or working on an existing garden?

3. Which gardening projects do I plan to accomplish?

Garden Tillers

Garden Cultivators


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, March/April 2014