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Fall has ended and the lush greens of spring seem so far off. But the onset of winter doesn't mean you can't spend time outdoors. There are snowmen to build, sleds to ride and, of course, driveways to clear. And you can always look forward to a cup of hot chocolate.

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Featured Winter Product


Turn your FLEX' Power Base into a powerful two-stage snow thrower that can clear a 26"-wide path of moderate to heavy snow in every pass. A first of its kind, the rugged steel FLEX Snow Thrower attachment features four 12-inch X-treme Auger flights to cut through heavy, wet snow barriers. Learn more about this revolutionary attachment and system.

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Snow Removal Tips

There's no question the weather can change unexpectedly - especially during the winter. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can be prepared and handle any type of winter weather. Consider these snow removal tips to help you make it through another winter season.

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Winter Lawn Repair

The winter season can be long and sometimes brutal, putting a lot of stress on your yard. And though winter conditions may vary from place to place, many experience the same types of lawn damage as a result of the cold, snow and ice.

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5 Tips on Winter Plant Protection

With harsh winds, frigid temperatures, and heavy ice and snowfall, winter can take a toll on your outdoor plants. However, with the right materials and tools, you can help protect plants that are susceptible to damage in extreme weather conditions.

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