Troy-Bilt® TrimmerPlus® String Trimmer Attachments

Troy-Bilt® string trimmers are compatible with all TrimmerPlus® attachments, which convert your trimmer into an arsenal of outdoor power equipment.

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Getting More From Your String Trimmer

All current and recent Troy-Bilt 2-cycle and 4-cycle string trimmers are attachment-capable.  That means they can accept any of these TrimmerPlus attachments, allowing you to tackle more chores around the yard without buying a dedicated machine for each one.

Pole Saw Attachment

The TrimmerPlus PS720 pole saw can be used to trim tree branches without using a ladder.  The 8-inch bar and chain are lubricated with an auto-oiler to maintain peak cutting performance.  The pole also comes in two sections that can be assembled for a 7-foot length, extending your reach up to 12 feet, depending on operator height.

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The pole saw attachment extends to up to 12 feet, depending on operator height.

High Performance Blower

The axial fan design of the TrimmerPlus CB720 blower makes it lightweight and well-balanced, so it can be easily maneuvered with less fatigue.  The high 500 cfm air volume is perfect for moving leaves into large piles or to the curb.  It uses an innovative series of axial fans to move a higher volume of air, and also includes a concentrator nozzle for moving heavier, wet debris.

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The lightweight high performance blower attachment is perfect for routine cleanup chores.

Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The TrimmerPlus AH721 hedge trimmer attachment can be used to reach and trim taller bushes and trees.  The 22-inch articulating blade can be angled horizontally, vertically and anywhere in between with 135 degrees of rotation to create flat shrub tops or nicely shaped bushes.  The 22-inch blade and die-cast chassis are durable and easy to use.

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The hedge trimmer attachment has an articulating blade and is ideal for trimming taller bushes and trees.

Turbo Blower Attachment

The TrimmerPlus TB720 moves air up to 145 mph, making it ideal for blowing leaves and debris from driveways and patios.  It also directs the airflow along the ground for more efficient blowing.

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The turbo blower attachment is ideal for blowing leaves from driveways and patios.

Edger Attachment

The TrimmerPlus LE720 lawn edger puts the final touch and edge on a lawn for a manicured look. The boom, blade and wheel are designed to make aligning the blade between the lawn and driveway easy. And its 7.5-inch steel blade can reach up to 2.5 inches in depth for deeper, cleaner edges.

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With the edger attachment, you can put the final touch on your lawn.

Cultivator Attachment

The TrimmerPlus GC720 uses 4 steel tines to dig, tear and turn soil at the beginning and end of each growing season, keeping the soil and nutrients fresh.  This cultivator is easy to maneuver in small vegetable gardens and flower beds.

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The cultivator attachment is easy to maneuver in small gardens and beds.

Power Broom Attachment

The TrimmerPlus BR720 power broom's nylon bristles are ideal for moving light snow, dust, mud and debris off driveways and sidewalks.  It eliminates the need to use a broom or shovel and it has a poly skid shoe that supports the broom head on the ground for easier use.

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The power broom attachment is great for cleaning light dirt, snow and debris from driveways and sidewalks.

Extended Straight Shaft Trimmer Attachment

The TrimmerPlus AS720 has a lightweight trimmer boom that is made of heavy duty aluminum for reaching under and around obstacles.  It is also designed to be more comfortable for taller users.  The fixed-line head utilizes durable .105-inch line and can be easily loaded in seconds.

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The extended shaft trimmer attachment helps reach under and around obstacles.

Brushcutter Attachment

The TrimmerPlus BC720 can be used to trim heavy brush that is tall or too difficult to cut with normal trimmer line.  The 8-inch, reversible, 4-tip steel blade with cutoff guard is durable and built for extended use in heavy duty applications.

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Use the brushcutter attachment to trim brush that is too heavy for standard trimmer line.

AeroFlex® Trimmer Head Attachment

The AF720 AeroFlex® trimmer head replaces conventional trimmer line with durable, flexible nylon cutting blades.  These blades create more precise control and slice through heavier vegetation with ease.  And their design makes them more resistant to impact with fences and other hard objects.  This easy-to-install system comes attached to a pro-style straight shaft, making it easier to reach under bushes and brush.

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The AeroFlex trimmer head's fixed blades are more durable and offer more control than trimmer line.