Troy-Bilt® String Trimmers

Troy-Bilt® offers a full line of string trimmers to tackle trimming and other tasks.  They come with 2- and 4-cycle engines, as well as a variety of string trimmer heads.

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Why Choose a String Trimmer

There are several features that can narrow your search for a string trimmer.  Those include the type of trimmer engine, shaft and cutting head you prefer to use.

2-Cycle vs. 4-Cycle

2-cycle string trimmers deliver plenty of power for cutting through tall grass and weeds.  They require oil and gas to be mixed together for fuel.  If you don't mind mixing oil into the fuel, 2-cycle string trimmers are a good choice.
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4-cycle string trimmers have more powerful and efficient engines that slice through tall, thick grass and weeds with ease.  4-cycle engines also eliminate the need to mix oil and gas - they take straight fuel.  This makes 4-cycle engines an excellent choice for any yard.
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4-cycle trimmer engines eliminate the need to mix oil and gas.

Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft Trimmers

Straight shaft string trimmers have a longer, straight boom that makes it easier to trim under bushes and other hard-to-reach places.  This makes them ideal for yards with a lot of shrubs, bushes and ditches.
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Curved shaft trimmers are more ergonomic and comfortable to use for longer periods of time.  These are best for yards that are larger and mostly flat.  They are also ideal for trimming around flower beds, sidewalks and other open areas.
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Curved shaft trimmers are more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

Trimmer Cutting Heads

There are a variety of cutting heads available on Troy-Bilt® string trimmers.  Most of these cutting heads feature a bump-feed design, which advances new trimmer line by simply bumping the head on the fround while in use.  Different cutting heads you will find include the dual line bump head, Click N Trim' and SpeedSpool® Pro bump head.  All of these varieties make loading and advancing new line quick and easy.

Troy-Bilt string trimmers are available in a variety of cutting heads.

Convert Your String Trimmer

Turn your string trimmer into an arsenal of tools with TrimmerPlus® attachments.  These attachments connect quickly and easily to your trimmer shaft and turn it into a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw, cultivator and more.  And these tools take up less space than the traditional products they replace.
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TrimmerPlus attachments turn your Troy-Bilt trimmer into a garage full of tools.


Eliminate pull starts with JumpStart' power start technology.  JumpStart corded and cordless engine starters plug directly into your JumpStart-capable Troy-Bilt string trimmer and allows you to start with the push of a button.
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JumpStart engine starters eliminate the need for pull starts.

How We're Built

We spent thousands of hours performing 7,500 pull starts, running through 400 feet of line and other advanced testing to make sure each of our 6th-generation 4-cycle string trimmers is built for life.  You can see these tests in action by watching our How We're Built string trimmer videos.
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