Troy-Bilt® Lawn Edgers

Troy-Bilt® gas edgers are built to help you keep nature from overgrowing its boundaries.  Each gas-powered edger features a powerful engine and durable construction for years of reliable performance.

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How To Choose a Lawn Edger

Troy-Bilt gas edgers are designed to create a nice, clean edge along your sidewalks, driveways and patios.  The type of edging blade, number of wheels and area of use are all factors when selecting the right lawn edger to fit your needs.  Whether using a model with a dual- or triple-edge blade, the full line of lawn edgers slide through grass, weeds and soil with ease.

Three-wheeled vs. Four-wheeled

If you are cutting mostly along driveways and sidewalks, a three-wheeled edger will do the job. If you are cutting along curbs and other areas, a four-wheeled lawn edger is a better choice. It comes equipped with a curb wheel to help guide the unit and is also capable of edging along flower beds. The 3-position adjustable bevel allows you to change the angle of the edging blade, customizing your lawn's appearance. This edger model also comes with a more powerful engine than other models.
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Clean up the edge of your lawn with a three- or four-wheeled gas edger from Troy-Bilt.